My Goliath Secretly Slain

So. I lost my job on about a month a go under shady circumstances. It seems I lost everything all at once. I’m from Beantown, so my network is not as big in my new city I live in. It was a great job, things were going so well. Living life, paying bills, making friends, advancing my career. What more could a woman ask for. Then enter crazy new boss with major issues, high-strung, and I think bipolar. One boss can make your life miserable. The worse part, I heard great things about this manager I was excited to be on the team. But little did I know this was my Goliath and unfortunately I didn’t have the stones and tools to bring it down. Stagnant Companies love yes women and yes men. They love routine and keeping things rolling. This is fine if you been on a job for 10 plus years but for the progressive millenial (I just made the cut) stagnant companies are the death of creativity and advancement. So as a millennial if you think you are going to be a VP of a fortune 500, take a page from Mark Z, start your own business because some of theses VPs plan on dying on their throne. I digress. My stress level was through the roof, once you realize your boss hates you and kindness won’t even fix it, you are doomed. I was on this woe is me, why did only my job get eliminated. But then I remembered who I serve….the most Awesome and Wise God. God has a purpose and plan for me. When one door closes another opens. So though my wonderful job was taken from me, I had peace that surpassed my own understanding recognizing God as sovereign. Realizing I had settled for mediocrity in my career when I prayed for over the top success in my career, I had become distracted by insignificance at work. My joy was decreasing because of my psycho boss. So God made a move and since I couldn’t move the mountain and slay the Giant, He moved me. Yay God! Now starts the wilderness! The unknown….the wilderness is the exciting part of my walk with Christ, because its full of unknowns and its the  biggest test of my faith. It’s also when the voice of God seems most silent and on mute. Lots of tests came and still coming time to equip myself feeding my soul with the word of God will bring
Today’s is:
Job 1:21 “Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
and naked I will depart.
The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;
may the name of the Lord be praised.”

So I praise Him still because greater is coming. In one month I have interviewed for several high level life changing roles, I have joined two new ministries and I’m doing things that have purpose. I have not lacked anything! So my Goliath may have felt like it didn’t die…but it did. I’m stressed for nothing. Goliath came in the form of a woman at a job, and it all still exists..but the underlying factor was these things were stealing my peace and joy…so since I am at peace and have joy…My Goliath was slain. Losing things often helps you find yourself, so praise God for that.
Be Blessed

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