Timeline Tangents

Everyday, I wake up meaning as soon as my eyes open I go into prayer. Mostly thanking God for another day, asking for guidance and direction about where to start on my current circumstances and whatever He wants me to accomplish today. Yay! I started the day off right! Then I reach for my phone, read my devotions: our daily bread, daily bible devotion and Faith’s checkbook. So I’m feeling myself because I spent this time with God. I even will go so far as to share with my social media circles, so in my mind I have evangelized for the day. A few folks will comment, say Amen or challenge my statements depending on which side of the cross they are on. Let me explain, the self-righteous bible thumper will like and agree and share and give a sermon with the scripture to support, meanwhile getting angry that no one is listening or understanding. He/she gets deeply theological and philosophical and then loses the opportunity to minister appropriately. The Lukewarm Christian will secretly agree, make a note of what was said and then figure out how to raise hell for the rest of the day. Then the Forever Disciple who is constantly seeking knowledge from God, recognizes that he/she is not perfect but is adamantly working to change will read, learn, be convicted or confirmed, change and walk circumspectly in hopes that God will use them in a mighty way.  They tend to want to be doers of the word in thought, word, deed and action. Empty vessels waiting to be filled.

Acts 9:15-16 15 But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel. 16 For I will show him how many things he must suffer for My name’s sake.”

So yes this awakened me at 11:21pm and kept me awake until 5:00am. As I scrolled through timeline tangents from loved ones and even strangers realizing that there are a lot of hurt people in the world. Looking for love, dealing with disappointment, stressing about finances,trying to heal wounds inflicted by people and things we hold so dear. And I cried about it, I cried because it hurt my soul to really recognize our social media platforms as cries for help, tools for recognition and affirmation. Shoot I’m using it now to tell my own stuff. But then I also realized that we need so much more love and compassion not just for others but for ourselves. I am my worst critic of myself, most people are. But what if we were kinder to ourselves, like really kind,  or we recognized that God’s love is so abundant that we don’t need affirmation from anyone but Him? Ooh the devil would be mad if he knew that when I /you say, no one can steal my joy or separate me from love of Christ and we meant it!  The world would be different right? I would like to think so. Prayer really does work, just a 30 second prayer can be just as efficient and make a difference in circumstances. I guarantee once you start talking 30 seconds will not feel like not enough. The point is talk to God first. Your timelines and my timelines may have different flavors and languages, but we are still seeking something and someone to validate us, why not let that be God all the time. I am speaking to myself too, I can be seen as quiet and even too private, it makes some people uncomfortable, but I rather share my deepest desires with God than let the world know, and some assigned devil sabotage it. Yes this is my timeline tangent. But the message is clear, I want to be used by God and Glorify him, its a lifetime goal with one one destination (Heaven) and one piece of bling ( my crown). I serve an audience of one, and I can only pray my timelines say so. Be Blessed.

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