Perfect Love: A Poem for the Struggle

My Perfect Love:

For years my body ached my temperature rose for a man who was like my drug addiction.
Lord have mercy on my soul for putting my love for this child of yours before you and my salvation.
See he spoke your word and made your promises from the bible our promises for the future.
Never did I imagine that such evil and temptation could come in this form. The desires of my heart he knew. The pains that have made me who I am, he knew. he got me through so many hard times…I was sure that he was a gift from you.
But the change came so suddenly. The more time I spent with him, the less time I seemed to spend with you. You see Father…I did not know you for myself when I met this man. I knew of you he spoke so Highly of You…yet he is, was, and will be a walking contradiction.
For he fed me your promises but did not believe them himself. Then I met You one day for myself…when this love of mine had caused me such pain…deceit…contracts broken…lies …a facade. I scrambled to put into place the pieces left behind. Taste and you shall see was all that rang forth.
Get a perfect love. Perfect love? Is there such a thing? Does it exists. You see friends my purpose is to love, to cherish all of you. Those that know me know I love hard. I am honest and pure in my heart and intent. Beauty that penetrates on the inside and permeates on the outside. Yet in a quest to find love and respect, I find my self swallowed in dark shadows trying to make sense of the uncommon sense….making change and cents from no monetary source because I am empty….on e…not fueled with the word that Jesus has left for me.
So many talk the talk but do not walk the walk. I myself have fallen short and try to be in and of the world when I am Yours Father. I have no business being of the world. I answer to you and you only.

So while the unjust seem to get away with quoting your scripture and tattooing such on their arms for show…one wonders what really lies on the inside. Psalm 23 Proverbs 31…yes great scriptures and we all know them by heart but do you wear it on your heart? Are you a living walking testament to the journey He is taking you on?
These are my random thoughts my feelings and my expressions to release what has been confused and tainted on the inside. I am not judging anyone. I too am messed up…but I have someone who can cleanse me. I know him personally and this is my love letter to Him. I love you Lord and I pray that you forgive me for not walking circumspect in the world. For not trusting you in all things and it is for this reason that I am turning my heart and circumstance and all those that I love over to you. For I have spent my life at this point loving hard waiting for that perfect love…I have found it in You. All else is obsolete. Friends love like He loves you and your suffering will be minimal. I am a living walking testimony to His love…it is unconditional, unfailing, and it is perfect and right in every way. SO today I am happy that I am in love and it is for eternity!

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