A Prose for “The One”

I tried to find the words to say
They never came out so I had to pray
The Lord has promised me oh so much
But this one promise seems beyond my clutch
My soul is saved, yet I feel distress
My heart desires your caress
When I close my eyes, I see your face
Your smile takes me to a special place
I feel so safe in your embrace
Our bodies entwined makes my heart race
To fall in love was forbidden
But I cannot quench or keep it hidden
I want you only for myself
To love to cherish to share the “wealth”
The wealth of all that embodies me
The beautiful spirit that God set free
I know I’m not perfect and I will mess up
But I promise to love you and lift you up
Lift you up when the world weighs you down
Keep up your smile when you only wish to frown
I may not know everything about who you are
But since God picked you out I know your a star
He has crafted my love design
I pray that yours matches mine
Regardless of how we fit in what He has planned
My true desire is to call you my husband
Please take these prose as straight from my heart
And give our friendship a chance to start
No titles, drama, confusion, hurt or pain
Just you, just me, and God’s Divine Plan

3 thoughts on “A Prose for “The One”

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