Wash Your Mind in the Word

Romans 12:2 NKJV

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

All week long, the Lord has put the word transformation on my mind. Every time I pondered a conflict or asked for guidance this week. Transformation was laid in my spirit. My friends and loved ones are going through so much, the enemy is so busy attacking the faith and minds of the saints daily. I was reminded by one of my friends that Gods word is true. Its the word of God that must be spoken for manifestation of truth. It is so easy to to focus on circumstances. We cry about our finances. We worry about our relationships with people and things. We grow weary when the doctor says “no” forgetting that God says yes. I decided to buy a flower plant Tuesday as a representation of planting seeds and growing a harvest. I was drawn to a plant called the Pentas in the color violet  and it attracts butterflies and butterflies symbolize transformation. I hadn’t even looked at the label and already God was speaking to me. It didn’t stop there because I was spiritually blessed by my sisters in ministry as we prayed for a loved one. The words that were spoken into the atmosphere placed us in a spirit of thanksgiving and praise despite all of us facing some serious trials in life. The enemy desires to seek, kill, and destroy believers in Christ. The enemy believes if he can discredit the word of God that he can break the spirit. Faith comes by hearing and doing what the word of God instructs us. God loves to hear His children repeat the promises that he Has spoken to us. It pleases Him and gives Him great joy. So the next time there is a mountain to be moved: speak to that mountain with the word. The word regulates and transforms the mind. We get spiritual amnesia and forget the trials God had brought us through. He is the same today yesterday and forever more ( shout out to the young but wise disciple Courtney) for the loving reminder last night.  So let your mind be transformed and washed in the promises of God. He can do anything beyond our imaginations, but we must be prepared and well versed in the promises He has for us.
Be Blessed.
Written with Love,

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