Choosing Love Part II

When I think about the goodness of God and all He has done for me, my soul cries hallelujah. I look back over my life and I have endured more pain then I care to think about, but I have also experienced an even larger amount of joy. Some of my most painful moments shared  several commonalities. In other words I often  experienced this pain because of
1) a poor choice decision I made
2) a refusal to align with God’s will
3) a false understanding and misrepresentation of Love: what it feels like, what it looks like, what it does for you and what it makes you do for others.
4) lack of communication
(To God in prayer and to the  perpetrators involved)

I wrote an entry that started this way a few weeks ago and I decided to use it again.

So I try to reflect on this as often as I can and I tweak and adjust accordingly to show what love is patient, kind, sweet. I fall short sometimes by saying things I don’t mean or showing little to no regard to others. God showed me His Heart and love for me. He woke me up this morning started my day. He has given me assignments, some I havd completed, others not so much. After months of an intense job search, I’ve finally landed where He desires me to be. For 5 months I planted seeds and I sowed and now I am about to reap. I learned some new things about myself and I became reaqquainted with some things I had forgotten. Some of my thoughts, beliefs and understanding of many things have been challenged.  But in all things still choosing love over any and everything else.  In doing so and being observant I realize that not everyone is open to receive it and believe it. How uncomfortable it must be to receive real love and it not look like what the world says it is. How  strange to be with someone who trusts you to be who you are, who comforts you when need them, who prays for you while you are in a storm, who encourages you to walk in the will that God has for your life? Who is kind and patient and whose  words sooth like honey. This should be the norm but instead people  have bitterness, and layers of experience that has misconstrued and destroyed Love. TRUE love. God is Love, so if your understanding of God in all is mightiness is one Who is kind, patient, loving, understanding, self controlled, and giving and forgiving …one who displays these actions, why is it so hard to mimic the character of God. I’m just talking today. I’m in a state of trying to understand and navigate through loving people. Loving even when they seem unloving and unlovable. Perhaps it’s because God loves me so much it has become second nature to walk in my spirit and speak in my spirit without flesh getting in the way as it so often does.  What is the answer what do you do ? Sometimes there isn’t one. God just wants us to be obedient and in doing so the answers come. So the other part about love, we choose who to love and we put it into action. It’s easy and free flowing but it’s got to be God  Centered and Christ featured. Love began with them so taking them out
of the equation does way more harm than good.

Be Blessed,
Written with Love

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